Having created playful spaces like the original South African boutique art hotel, Daddy Long Legs, the group went on to play a pivotal role in reimaging Woodstock as the home of artists, creatives and designers through their Old Biscuit Mill and Woodstock Exchange. A host of other projects small and large, contribute to a colourful and compelling list that is proud to include The River Club.

Daddy Long Legs - www.daddylonglegs.co.za

Old Mac Daddy - www.oldmacdaddy.co.za

The Old Biscuit Mill - www.theoldbiscuitmill.co.za

The Woodstock Exchange - www.woodstockexchange.co.za

Daddys Deals - www.daddysdeals.co.za

Sports Pesa - www.sportpesa.com

WEX Living - www.woodstockexchange.co.za

RADAR DAD - www.daddysdeals.co.za